Awry, Amiss, Amok

Two Seconds of Indecision

P: "Why don't we get off the bus here and just skate down this hill?"
R: "Why don't we, indeed!"
BZZZ - phsssh - bus stops - our heroes take to the street
R: "This is terribly steep. I'm very excited. This is the steepest street I've ever taken my new board down! I'm doing fine. What a beautiful carve I am making down this hill! What? It seems I am going a little too fast! I better straighten up and think about what to do."
Thinking... thinking... picking up speed... thinking... ejecting... running... falling... ripping flesh and fabric... cursing...



Sambo said...


PS. Eat something :(

Daniel McClelland said...

Goooo! Gnarly. Grommet.

All the above started with 'g'. G.

Anonymous said...

That is the hotness.

Allan Mansfield said...

you guys are hardcore.

I miss you a little... a lot.
I miss you and I miss manfest.
those are two things that I miss

Jett Superior said...

Strange, Wretched, but I had a dream about you two nights ago.

You were not naked. I was relieved.


Bel said...
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Bel said...

that looks really really painful.
but i still think i would have found it hard not to have laughed if i had been there at the time, watching you as decked it.
but come on!! there is something universally funny about people falling over!! right?! :D

....oh ok. sorry.

have fun with the scabs.

PS this is 'take 2' on my comment - i had to delete the 1st one as i sounded like a hysterical booze hag. thank god i fixed that up.

Richard D. Bartlett said...

In response to all of you, I say, 'Will you be my girlfriend?'

Jett Superior said...

Good lord, if you can log in and comment, surely you can post something fresh.

Dumbass, indeed.