Awry, Amiss, Amok


30052006875 My good friend Daniel played a beautiful set tonight. Including a cover of Toxic. Yes, Britney Spears. So good. Come to the next gig.


Infintely cool. In every way. Use it for controlling music in Frooty Loops or for viewing all your 64-pixel 1-bit videos. Or to take over the world with!


new blog26052006844Completed design of new blog. Gratuitous proud uncle photo:


Update: (Links should work now)

SnapshotWent for a sick run yesterday morning. Check it out in lo-fi [527k | .3gp] or hi-fi [1.9M | .mp4], or for those of you in the stone ages: hefty-fi [4.71M | .mpg]. Note: Putfile is more IE-friendly.


There's a captivating octopus chilling out in Courtenay Central right now. Recommended viewing.



My photos aren't supposed to be particularly anything, by the way. Documentative, maybe?