Awry, Amiss, Amok


This post intentionally left blank.


Last night I rocked up to Peter's house about nine or ten and finished a diabolical sudoku while he cleared the shattered glass from his bedroom (BB gun/blowfly/flouro light bulb). His place was uncharacteristcally quiet so when we finished we decided to go for a walk. We got a six-pack of Monteiths Black and a bag of Maltesers from Chafers and had a midnight picnic on the deck of the Yatch Club, chatting about life, and being awesome, and how crap playgrounds are these days. On the way back up to his girlfriend's house, we risked our lives sneaking through a construction site and I came within moments of being apprehended for public urination by five policemen. We played with the kitten (Gus, a.k.a. P-fiend) at Anna's for a while and on my home I realised that was probably the last time I do anything like that for at least a year: seeing as I'm moving to a non-pedestrian city with zero good buddies.


Told you my guitar is choice.


Now I don't usually like to be crass, but just this once, brace yourself:

I woke at 3 a.m. Chrimbo morning, not with the excitement of presents, but with the compulsion to spew my face off and shit my ring out. Which I proceeded to do, on the hour, every hour, for the next fifteen hours.

So that was a bit of a let down, but I'm usually something of a downer at these family events so it wasn't too bad to be locked up in the far bedroom to contemplate my impending doom.

Sorry about that, why don't you go read a nicer Christmas story.

In other news:

  • I am actually, factually, seriously moving to Auckland in 10 days; you should come stay and we can go to the BDO together
  • my ex-pseudo-post-fiancée darrrling Dani is here in like 3 weeks
  • I bought new undies yesterday and they are fantantic — they really start to do justice to my sweet behind
  • roaming around town today the true emo-ness of my haircut suddenly dawned on me. Something needs to be done about this immediately
  • the gat I got for my bday is choice. I tuned the second string down to G just now and it is noice.
  • you put the sizzle in represizzle.


I'm sorry you have to find out this way, but...

Since none of you gimps took the trouble to find me a job, I had to take the one that was offered me. Managing my cousin's joinery business and doing some business software development jazz. On the upside, I get a sweet raise, sweet van for roadtrips (with mags!), sweet laptop, sweet phone, sweet flatmate, and the experience of managing a million dollar construction contract. On the other hand, said job and flatmate reside in Auckland. As of January 8th, so will I, for a year at least.

So before I go, let's get pissed! (Hi mum. Miss you.)


I had two completely different million dollar ideas today.

Before noon.

Stay tuned.


Auckland is noisy and too hot to sleep or eat. Not too bad though. I might go and see Don McGlashan's solo act tomorrow and see if that ratchets the city up a few notches on the Richard D. Bartlett Ubiquitious Point Scale.

New Years: we going to head up to Waiheke or maybe we should party at my place?


I'm going to Auckland tonight until Christmas. Woo me, O big smoke!


I can't believe I missed this. Xavier thinks I'm the shit. when I heard the news I had to take off my shirt:

And you're probably all wondering about that haircut... more photos here.


Give me a job. A job a job a job, please. I can do, like, electronics and maths, and... internets, and lifting heavy crap. Thankyou please.