Awry, Amiss, Amok



The Manhut's still looking pretty sweet.

Mmm that's good vandalism!



It's Christmas morning. I have the house to myself. I can't help but glance (and then stare minutely) into the Yuletide rear-view at the year gone by. I received a lot of things; some were beaten into me by actions reckless and violent, others required months of near-complete stillness to crystallise. Sometimes I had to just lower my hands and accept kisses as they were sent. Some of this year's gifts came in packages tied up with string, but many more came whispered between the words of conversations, songs, and prayers.

All I'm trying to say is that I'm grateful.


Eastbourne Hearty-Party

…there's something spectacular about crowding into a tiny downstairs room with your beautiful friends, trying to not wake the parents above, with beer flowing like laughter and Simpson's quotes flying like shrapnel — something that makes me want to grasp hold of every



Happy Midsummer's Eve


Beautiful evening with the Russell Terracests tonight: I ate lambs, cows, pigs, and seafoods! Happy Midsummer! (This is the bit where it actually starts to get warm around here.)


O Bay Panorama

Dudes, birds, beers, smokes, guitars, sunset, Oriental Bay, nearly every Monday.

Marty's Special Day

Yesterday was Marty's Special Day. We played video games, and kicked a ball around the park. Later on, we found a brand new playground behind the Renouf Centre, and I bought him an icecream. Here he is enjoying his Special Day: video.

Baby's Bum


Happy Flaming Birthday

So it was my birthday, you're prerbly all thinking I bet he got some sweet gifts. Well yes, yes I did, but unfortunately no one got me the one thing I really needed. Perhaps it was the expense that was prohibitive, as I had to spend my entire year's holiday pay to get stage one of my very own root canal! Stay tuned next week for stage two, where I get to spend the entire proceeds I made from this site to finish the job.

At least I got a toaster.