Awry, Amiss, Amok

Sixteen Colours

Collaborative low-res art from the MS-DOS palette.
[patience - it's twenty thousand pixels tall]


The morning after the night before: superrockawesome.

Fun With Google

Quite surprisingly entertaining.

P.S. the new Amy Winehouse album is as good or better than everyone is saying. See.

What Tube?

These days I get all my illegal music from YouTube. I would like to share:

The World Must Hear of This!

Now I'm not exactly link-happy, you know, but when I read this on Gizmodo I was just like, yeah man, and... well he says "chromed robot turd."



those two

And check the first dance: video.

Ding Dong

I'm going down for the wedding tomorrow.

See you Sunday.




Bel and Matt at One Love

Th' future is now...

...or maybe, like, next week.


Here's a story:

Last night I had two dreams in quick succession. One started in the ocean, I was swimming in the dark - I was about to go ashore when, ahem, some hot blondie called out, 'I'm still here!' We swam in together and as I lay on my bed she rubbed my back and I drifted into sleep as she sang me the most beautiful song I'd ever heard and it was the closest thing to perfect happiness I've ever conceived of. The next dream, I was in a big house with a lot of rooms and I felt something on my tongue. As I spat, all of my teeth started coming loose and clinking into my hand, black and broken, almost charred. My worst dreams always have me spitting teeth, and this was the worst one yet, all of them came out. All bar one, actually, the one I just spent a grand on (even my nightmares have a sense of humour, evidently). I woke around five in the morning on Peter's couch, hearing a transvestite outside successfully diffuse a fight by inviting her attacker out for a drink. I lay there in the afterglow of these two nearly concurrent dreams in an immensely confused state of bliss and terror. So what's new?