Awry, Amiss, Amok



Also, I'll stop short of apologising for not posting significantly lately, but I will hint at a commitment to try harder in future.


Daniel McClelland said...

You can help me bring blogging back. Just like Justin, but less sezy.

Jett Superior said...

Shit, I'm all over the sexy. I'll take the reins on that if you people aren't all-in.

After all, sexy isn't in the 'what's-said' is in the gesture, the pauses, the unexpelled breath and the unexplained want.

Be thou not humble, mighty blogging mens!

Sambo said...

But he said, 'sezy'.

Jett Superior said...

I'm attributing that to dialectical differences.

I am a smarmy American and that is what we do, ASSUME.

Bel said...

take to the bridge
take to the chorus
take to the comment box