Awry, Amiss, Amok

The Takahe Has Landed

So. Auckland.

Well I can't say there have been no tears before bedtime but to be fair, it is not entirely shit. I'm working like a circus pig so I'm not left with much time/energy to suck the marrow out yet, but the emotional barometer is pointing to Outlook Promising.

Flatting with someone who only exists at 50Hz is a bit of a party. And by party I mean, interesting and valued experience. I was looking forward to living with an unpredictable kid gloves on why is she crying again no you don't look fat in that will you please not talk about that while I'm eating flighty floosey. That is, a girl. But at the moment I'm feeling more like the girl of the house —what with missing my mum and whatnot— so it is basically the same as living with a boy that smells nice. And can't beat me up. Her Wiccan sacrifices have not yet caused any issues either — there is a strictly defined blood-letting corner that keeps mess to a minimum.

I bought a bike. Before paying rent, or bond, or advance, or buying a bed. But what a bike! It's a brand new Haro F2. Totally worth sleeping on the floor for. I promptly removed most of the stickers and can't wait til I scratch it enough to warrant a matte black paint job.

This Thursday three of my favorite people are staying at my house in anticipation of the Big Day Out (which my boss assumed was a whole weekend long, when he gave me the time off, incidentally) and I am looking forward to them immensely. Let's get this on record: Celia, I love you more than life itself. I especially miss your boobs and potty mouth.

Oh, and about Auckland, what's the big deal? The traffic seems okay and the people are definitely more friendly here. And I happen to prefer Asian faces to Lower Hutt ones anyway. The only real thing wrong with this city so far is the bugs. I wake each morning with an armada of bites ready to replace those of the night before.

Oh yeah, the bike, I was thinking about getting a new one. A new new one. Keep up. I live 10k from the CBD so I thought I might get a road bike and get back to my hardout roots. Hardout like getting up at 5.30 and riding 10k and then working 10 hours and riding 10k back. Speaking of roots: FFD will be there on Friday and I am having Second Thoughts about them. How did that happen? How does this always happen!?

Have been repeatedly goaded to sneak around and sniff female housemate's undie drawer. Have not yet gained sufficient courage / sunk to such depths. Will keep posted.

Word to your mama. And mine, if you see her. Schniff.


Daniel McClelland said...

Hey bro, looking forward to Friday very much yes. I have no reservations at all towards Mr. Freddy and his Drop, so will convince you that it will be a party.

Anonymous said...

Bring her out of this Wiccan bullsheit

Anonymous said...

Watch out for mothballs and the odd strategically placed mouse trap in that undie drawer - an old trick used by (experienced)female flatmates to deal with "nosy" (inexperienced) male flatmates!

Matthew said...

What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

If you want to sniff my underwear just ask, I'll probably say no though.

Anonymous said...

Just use it for a gag when you sacrifice him to your wiccan god/s