Awry, Amiss, Amok


In the slippery world that is my ethical savannah, it is totally okay to download mp3's of songs that have only been released as B-sides and LP's. So Broken by Bjork is on my Top 100 Anything Ever list.

You can have a tiny taste of it here (300kB .mp3)


Allan Mansfield said...

rich, I respect that you like Bjork and I hate her, but that taster... c'mon man. I think my mum has a latin guitar cd like that somewhere.

Allan Mansfield said...

oh, and I like noel gallaghers coment on albums

"my record collection consisted of the beatles, t-rex, david bowie, the inspiral carpets, sex pistols, stone roses and a whole bunch of greatest hits

fuck some limited edition pink floyd b-side record from 1972."

Sambo said...

T-rex suck though.

Only limited edition anything you should be proud of is GWAR Warhammer figures.