Awry, Amiss, Amok

As expected...

Opened by the best opening band imaginable (Ginger Brown - check 'Madison Garden'), Comets on Fire played one of the most musically impressive shows I've ever experienced. On the off chance that anyone might want to have a gander, I bootlegged most of the show: part 1 and part 2.

And while I'm uploading stuff off my dictaphone, here's some stuff played by me and Scott, flatmate and fellow guitarist in our new band (tentatively known as The Burning Eternal):

  • Here's us jamming on two acoustics;
  • me showing off a quick blues melody;
  • Two parts of the saddest song you'll ever hear (it's in 'crossnote' tuning - DADFAD;
  • and this is what Scott sounds like when he is in a metal mood.

Obviously they are all lofi, unrehearsed takes, but if you ask me there's something there; expect proper recordings of proper songs soon.


Matthew Bartlett said...

get goldwave so that you can normalise and eq those MP3s. Some of the trombone-learning material I've been reading said you should study music theory one hour for every hour of practice you do.

Richard D. Bartlett said...

I study theory when I watch people play.