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Happy Flaming Birthday

So it was my birthday, you're prerbly all thinking I bet he got some sweet gifts. Well yes, yes I did, but unfortunately no one got me the one thing I really needed. Perhaps it was the expense that was prohibitive, as I had to spend my entire year's holiday pay to get stage one of my very own root canal! Stay tuned next week for stage two, where I get to spend the entire proceeds I made from this site to finish the job.

At least I got a toaster.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get to catch up with you on Thursday! Bad timing in the end... :) Tho sounds like you had plenty on your plate (inc toast)

BREAKING NEWS: we are having a party on this Sat night!! I have given an invite to Matt to give to you and shall blog deets soon also.

Could pls try to not have a root canal on that day? thanks. XXX

Anonymous said...