Awry, Amiss, Amok

Happenin's keep happenin'

Without undue drama (neither acrimonious or ceremonious), I called it a day and quit work on Friday. My brain's been rapidly shifting gears in response to the events circling 'round me, muscling for rank, bellowing in my ears while I sleep. Consequently, the gear I'm in at the moment has no tolerance for A Real Job, so I'm taking six or seven weeks off to work on my own projects e.g. and, I imagine, sleep in 'til noon a few times and smoke some pot. Then come January, (contract pending) I'll be working as a foreman at a construction site on Cuba St. We're throwing a Thanksgiving Slash I Quit My Job party on Thursday, tickst me for details (021 723 707). I realise Thanksgiving is traditionally held a week later than this, but you know, I'm just so in love.


Jett Superior said...

Nope, you got it right; Thanksgiving is this Thursday.

Let me know if you need a good giblet gravy recipe. >:o) Psh.

Daniel McClelland said...

Man, I cannae make it captain. Suck. Let me know how you're getting on though. Perhaps you could blog more.

Anonymous said...

My crew has a catchphrase applicable here:


Congrats, dude, that's awesome :D
...own projects...ohhh bliss

And I might be wrong wrong wrong here, but if i was in Plum before going to work on Friday morning, purchasing an exceptionally delicious white choc & raspberry muffin, did I perchance see the quitting in action?!

Respondez-vous or I'll start using your cellular number for all sorts of devious purposes!!

Richard D. Bartlett said...

Nearly. I quit at the end of the day. For civility's sake.

Are you coming to my party?

Anonymous said...

Unfortch, I "resched"-ed myself into an occupied Thurs.

And besides, don't you live out in the boondocks? Meaning: Haitaitai...??

Richard D. Bartlett said...

Wellington's very own H-town - suburb of the future...

Well I hope your plans consist of going to see Black Boned Angel at Valve. That's what I'd be doing if I were missing the party of the year.