Awry, Amiss, Amok

Yes Ladies, He's Single!

This week's top 10 artists:

Holy crap I'm awesome.


Sambo said...

Kind of in reverse order. Kind of.

Allan Mansfield said...

I don't get it, but poos (or muse as they're more commonly known) just made a dreadful album.

zero 7 on the other hand. oh. the garden sexes me right up.

Anonymous said...

Hey man
I just wanted to drop by & thank you for lowering bar over at Matthew's blog... I thought I'd go over there to see what super intelectual/spiritual things were going on & now I'm just thinking about sexy steamy steam trains. Nice one.

Finley Quaye?? Fo real? dear lord.

Richard D. Bartlett said...

Oh bel you're most welcome, though I think Allan deserves the credit for the steam training. He's like some kind of a god amongst men.

And Finley Quaye, Heck Yes! Well actually he is a bit of a blip of the week - that list is not too representative of the long term big picture.

Finally, I'd just like to say, Tits!

Daniel McClelland said...

I always feel sorry for Bryan Adams. Imagine if Jimmy hadn't quit, and Joey hadn't got married. Perhaps I would have enjoyed his songs more.

Rich what do you think of Muse's new stuff?