Awry, Amiss, Amok

It's Official!

  • For years I have been telling Dan that his eyes are too close together. Today, this was officially confirmed by the Powers That Be.
  • Working over the road from Commonsense I have noticed a disproportionately large number of pregnant women about. Finally, proof that greenies are having more sex!
  • Who wants to come visit Auckland with me next week maybe? I need someone either with a car or a working thumb. I have neither.
  • Look what daddy said he would get me (!).
  • Over the past few months I have lost inches and gained pounds. What does that tell? It tells you that I could take you, that's what.
  • Last night I had a dream featuring Wade Landell and P-smoking homeless guys. At one point I was in an oldschool pioneer American church and there was an old negro guy on a chair with a noose around his neck and the minister was using him as some kind of symbolic scapegoat or somesuch and every time lightning struck the light illuminated everyone's faces as twisted demon masks. Word.


Daniel McClelland said...

Let us comment you ninny.

As for the dream you had... wow. Just wow. And I hope Wade googles his name often.

Matthew said...

more sex, or less contraception?

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I wish I knew enough about dream symbolism that I could analyze your very interesting dream, but I don't, and my analysis would probably be completely off base anyway. It's certainly a fascinating one and if you ever write stories, I'd encourage you to use it in a scene in a story.
Hope you get your guitar!
The Cheesy 1

Anonymous said...

african american not negro.

Sambo said...

I vouch for Negro. I'm the only black man here [the internet].

Richard D. Bartlett said...

The dream was set in times when 'negro' was indeed the correct term. Amber you haven't put much effort into making me like you. What gives?