Awry, Amiss, Amok


Its been ages since I updated so let me fill you in on the week that was: wake up. walk to work. walk home. fall asleep on couch. repeat. and then we have exams next week, interspersed with more of the above.

oh, and Desperate Housewives.


Daniel McClelland said...

Not long to go buster. Grit your teeth. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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Daniel McClelland said...

Hey Diecast Car! I love your comments! I really really value information, and considering you have offered some, I may as well offer you the once in a lifetime chance to go read a book. Or a magazine. You will not find any of these here. To finish this reply, I will add an emoticon constructed out of punctuation marks |:-[) The emoticon has a unibrow and a handlebar mo. Just like collectible sports fanatics.

Allan Mansfield said...

I think i'm the only person who can't get in to desperate housewives. still... I can see why you do.. I prefer that show late on a monday night 'the L word'

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Sounds like my life, except I drive to work--six days a week this month. Blah! This can't be allowed to happen next month. Sometimes I'm a real sap.
I have never in my life seen Desperate Housewives. It may even be fun, but it just sounds so--"soapy." For true cheesiness, I watch The Surreal Life when they get a new cast. For a bit o' action, I watch hockey. The Avalanche are doing great this year! So, happy happy joy joy for those of us in Colorado!
Hopefully you get to recharge your batteries soon. I know the feeling of being drained!

Daniel McClelland said...

I can't watch Desperate Housewives
a) because it has actually reduced business in our theatre by 10%, and
b) because it sounds like interweb porn. And it stars Teri -LoisLanecrushwhenIwas9- Hatcher. And that sounds like a dangerous combination for my innocent mind.

Daniel McClelland said...

a) only on a Monday that is.

Anonymous said...

Where do those guys we don't know come from? They're weird.

Daniel McClelland said...

They come from the world, and the world is weird.