Awry, Amiss, Amok


I'm feeling really good. I think I've been a bit depressed. I've not been overusing my vocabulary, or talking too loudly, or staying up late for weeks now. But the other night at 2am I had the distinct experience of passing through an emotional trough. Now I feel like my spirits are heading back up the slope to the level I had been previously accustomed to. To celebrate, Celia and I went on the world's smallest roadtrip: watching Eternal Sunshine with Peter and Anna in Eastbourne, picking up some pea-straw for the Muir's from Lowry bay, having a cup of tea in Waterloo with DMcC and the McC's, and finally having a KFC and McDonald's feast on the Petone esplanade. And I figured that I can take better photos from the passenger seat of a hurtling Camry if the camera is set to sports mode. Sweet.

As for the whole unemployment thing: tomorrow I'm talking to the guy who 'essentially fired' me to make the situation concrete. This article convinced me to teach myself the PHP equivalent (sorta) of Ruby on Rails to help my prospects for the job hunt. I'm going to rewrite my CV and go to some recruitment agencies and knock on some doors and whatnot — anyone have any job leads? I'm aiming for a programming/web design job at a internet start-up company, but I have very broad skills and experience including construction and hospitality. Choice.

Please enjoy... the back of the Caddy house, the view out the front window, and some sweet Eastbourne architecture up the road a bit:


Daniel B. McClelland said...

Eternal Sunshine, tea with McC AND McD's at Petone?! You glutton! So many pleasures.

Sambo said...

Wow. The caddy's finally finished the deck.

Allan Mansfield said...

i am sorry to hear about yer job and yer bike... in the words of the stereophonics

"hard up, outa luck, time to ride the villiage bike
A bike been used ten times or more"

come back to uni. I miss you. else, i'm sure you'll have no problem getting a sweet jorb.

I am still bored of your photos though.

Richard D. Bartlett said...

And I'm still bored of every creative endeavour you've ever embarked on. Ever.

Sambo said...

Have you got the new TOOL album though?

richface said...

What about those nipple-warmers at Parachute that time?

Awesome use of the apostrophe.

Allan Mansfield said...

yea sandy vag
what about those