Awry, Amiss, Amok


Correct me if I'm wrong, Sam Edwards, but I think in terms of free 3G phones, I "pwn" you. Obsoive. The first thing I did with this phone is assign "Daniel McClelland - Little Girl.mp3" as the ringtone. Perfect. If you want to video-call me or send me some hawt pics, you'll have to use my work number: (+6421) 723 707.

In other news, Celia and I are looking for a 2 bidrim house in Mt. Cook, Oriental Bay, Aro Valley... basically anywhere close enough to the city to walk to but far enough to be Gus-the-cat friendly.

Edit: For Aggie (all my good underwear is in the wash):


Aggie said...

Hey kick a*se
*smoochie bye-bye*

Come to the d & d party next year
I'll make sure you get your temporary *JAFA* status back for the evening
Handy Hint: Photes of gorgeous men in their underwear get you in anywhere these days

Post a phote of Gus-the-cat (I like cats)

Aggie said...

Wow - I really like your cat!
Here Gus - cute kitty!

Anonymous said...

1.'boys underwear should not be shaped like knickers' no they do not do your bum justice.
2.that phone will mess up on you. my job use to be selling it. its what they do!
3.hurry up and come back the bed is missing you.

Sambo said...

Oh I'll correct you alright... With a pipe.

Daniel B. McClelland said...

Hot facial hair.

If you'd like to have any other ringtones that were designed for polyphonic awesomeness, you'd be welcome to download something from here. More to come once they've finished being recorded and Casio'd.

Sambo said...

We use midi for ringtones now, Dan. Do you understand that? Wait, ugh ug uhhh ug aar! Ugh un! My 'primitave man' is a little rusty.

Daniel B. McClelland said...

MIDI? You should hear my phone's sultry tones: there's 'Low,' 'Mosquito,' and even 'Bee'!! I also have the option of playing this awesome graphic'd game about a serpent.

Sambo said...

Naked videophoning is how we do.

Xavier said...

why the constant need to tease with topless photos?

Daniel B. McClelland said...

His phone's good, but to take a photo of anything further would probably crack the lens. 640x480 wouldn't do it justice, see.

(That'll be twenty bucks thanks Rich.)