Awry, Amiss, Amok


Oh my word, voting is So Exciting! So, I'm in the Voting Booth and I figure it is about time to decide who to vote for. I mean the party vote is obvious, Greens to the days, yo! It's a vote for Helen but not for Labour - perfect! But the candidate vote had me stumped; how do I keep it real on a local politics level? Keeping in mind that I consider 'keeping it real' to be approximately equivalent to 'drinking at inappropriate times' (216.324 final exam - woo!), I had to figure out who deserved my valuable tick. So I voted Appleby of the Legalise Cannabis Aotearoa party. Woo! So real!

Oh, if only there were a Rock & Roll party!


Daniel B. McClelland said...

Wooooooo! Crazy boy. Enjoy youth.

Matthew said...

Display our potent harmony. I believe in throw the dice voting.

Dennis Bartlett said...

A fool and his vote are soon parted

Allan Mansfield said...

I only went to vote cos dad went first and said there was a hot chick with a good rack there giving out the voting papers. he was right, and she commented on my belt/was looking at my cock.

Sambo said...